Slow cookers save the day

We are massive fans of the slow cooker when it comes to a hassle free way to make a nutritious dinner. And as the weather turns it's the ideal time to try a hot one pot meal.

Just 10 mins of prep in the morning can save time and energy in the evening.

Some other benefits of slow cooking are:

  • Nutrients in the food remain more stable than other methods of cooking

  • Nutrients usually lost in the liquid are simply reabsorbed into the meal

  • Cooking slowly over a longer time increases the flavour

  • Cooking slowly tenderises cheaper cuts of meat, so it can save you money

  • Cooking slowly softens tougher root vegetables helping some people better digest them

So here is the second recipe in our series to try.

You just shove everything in, set the timer and leave it until you are ready for dinner. Then all you need to do is add some rice and/or veg (packet wholegrain rice or quinoa cooks in 1 ½ mins in the microwave and you can even buy veg you can steam in the bag to pop in the microwave too if you are really short on time).

We often make poor food choices when we are hungry, tired and busy. So just a little forward planning can make dinner times less stressful and ensure you get a healthy nutritious meal to set you up for the next day.

Adding it into your morning routine allows you to build a habit that will save you time and brain power at the end of the day.

And, if you make a bit extra that’s lunch sorted for the next day too!

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