Save Cash, Calories and Time With This One Tip.

For those of us that "working from home" has become the norm. One of the financial benefits that (may have been noticed) is the money saved on parking, coffee shops and lunch. According to the Telegraph workers spend on average £10.59 a day on food which racks up to a total of £2,500 a year. What if you could save that money instead, what else would you do with it?

If you're returning to work and want to continue to save on expenses, taking a packed lunch is an obvious choice to cut back on costs. A soggy sandwich isn't always as appealing or as nutrient-dense as a home-cooked meal. By making an extra portion of dinner in the evening or using leftovers to take to the office or site, you can save money, time and cut back on the waistline. Serving up a balanced portion for another meal can also help avoid overeating a larger portion, this will help to maintain a healthy weight.

Besides, have you ever noticed how leftovers can often taste even more flavoursome the next day?

Using our no-fuss Chilli recipe, try these top 5 variations on serving chilli that make ideal lunchbox leftovers.

  • Wrap in a tortilla with salad to make a burrito.

  • Create a taco salad with lettuce cups.

  • Scoop up with tortilla chips like nachos.

  • Serve with a baked spud.

  • With cauliflower rice to boost veggies.

Even if you're still working from home, making an extra portion to eat for lunch the next day, could save you enough time to swap time in the kitchen for time outside walking in the fresh air. Saving money, time and eating consciously can all help to improve both mental and physical wellbeing.

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