'You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.' - James Clear

We cannot tell you how much we loved reading Atomic Habits, a book on how small changes bring impactful and lasting results. As we read through each page, it resonated with our approach with our personal health & fitness clients. It offered 'ah ha' moments that left us nodding in agreement.

It's easy to digest, implement and follow, a book so good it's been on the New York Times bestsellers list (3 times). We recommend it to all of our high performance seeking clients to order online, download it for Kindle or listen to it on Audible and here's why.

'Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.'

The Oxford Dictionary defines habits as 'An automatic reaction to a specific situation'. Habits come in different categories: some we want, some we don't, and others we don't acknowledge. At happyworkspace co, we believe the habits of an organisation and its employees are the key to improved workplace wellbeing, productivity and profit margins. Setting goals or having tools is a great place to start, but the process of success relies on a cohesive strategy for behaviour change. When the focus is on changing your organisations' habits, the goal is achievable through a process of small automated actions for the benefit of all. You can read more about our habit & behaviour approach here.

Atomic Habits is a clear and comprehensive operating manual for reprogramming poor habits with beneficial actions that will improve your life professionally and personally. Ever wondered why you're procrastinating over that task, constantly making the same food choices or can't quit that 'bad habit' that's been nagging you? Have you fallen victim to trying to completely overhaul your life or business in desperation for dramatic results? 'Tiny changes, remarkable results' is the consistent message throughout this well-written book with a clear 'how to' on the importance of 1% improvement each day.

Have you read Atomic Habits? What was your biggest take-home from it?

Nat & Karen

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