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In order for staff to enjoy a sense of wellbeing at work there are many factors that come into play including a clear sense of what is expected of them, adequate tools and training to complete the tasks set and a working environment that encourages collaboration and growth. In addition to what is going on in the workplace employers need to factor in employees mental and physical health and an awareness of how their home lives, responsibilities and personal pressures impact on their ability to perform at work.

At the happy workspace co we use a 4 step process to help you start, or further develop, your corporate wellbeing strategy.

"Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought"

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Research creates new knowledge

Step 1 – Establish why you need a wellvolution

Each organisation is unique so we use our wellbeing audit process to establish why interventions are required and what current programmes may or may not be working.

We begin by undertaking a series of interviews and focus groups with senior management to analyse whether the company vision, values and strategy foster a culture of wellness. 


Together we identify issues that may be having a financial impact on the organisation, such as absenteeism rates, staff turnover, loss of productivity, poor customer service or low staff morale.

Step 2 – Find out how your staff really feel and function

We conduct an in-depth company wide behavioural and wellness evaluation, followed by a series of focus groups. This process allow us to collect solid data about how staff feel and function in the workplace, and highlights potential barriers to participation in your 'wellvolution'.


You need to ensure staff feel that a wellbeing strategy is easy, attractive and rewarding, and done for them and not to them!

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Less time talking, more time doing!

Step 3 – Infuse wellbeing throughout your organisation

From these findings we make practical solution focused recommendations which promote positive employee engagement and focus on behavioural change.  We then support organisations through the implementation stages to address the business critical issues initially identified. 

Step 4 – Embrace evolution

We ensure that all programmes are regularly and consistently monitored and evaluated to allow them to be responsive and flexible as needs evolve.   Change takes time, patience and a willingness to experiment.

For a corporate wellbeing strategy to work you need to view staff as individuals, encourage and listen to feedback to allow people to take ownership, adapt and evolve over time and put compassion, community, collaboration and communication at the heart of how you do business. 


Because your staff are your most important asset.

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