We believe in the power of compassion, community, collaboration and communication.  


As agents of change our job is to inspire, motivate and communicate. We help clients evolve a habit-based behavioural ‘wellvolution’ culture to empower staff and grow their business.

Just imagine, ‘what if’ the workplace, where we spend up to 50% of our waking day, was a happier, nurturing environment where every member of staff felt a greater sense of clarity, inclusion and respect - how cool would that be?

We are passionate about enabling companies to engage with staff and infuse wellbeing through all aspects of the business by fostering an environment that promotes a deep health approach.


At happy workspace co we love the power of ‘WHAT IF?....’  It opens up so many possibilities.


What does 'deep health' actually mean?

Employees are people first and as individuals we have needs beyond financial rewards.  We are social and emotional creatures who need a sense of belonging and purpose.


Underpinning all these aspects of what it means to be human is the need to be physically and emotionally well in order to reach our full potential.

We are a product of our environment and our behaviour is heavily influenced by the culture in which we work. Evolving desirable habits within your working community can help positive behaviours that last become the norm.

Our work and home life are intertwined and one can affect the other.  We assist companies in opening up opportunities for their staff to develop a sense of wellbeing that helps them not just survive, but thrive in and out of work.


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desk 1.png

Every workspace is different

Every workspace is different, not just on a company level, but also at a department or site level, so we take a bespoke approach through a series of initial consultations and wellbeing audits to identify what staff actually want and need.


We then design a framework to help you implement a strategy that creates the conditions to promote positive behaviour change and a culture that says ‘it’s ok to take time out and recharge’.


Collaboration is key to building your ‘wellvolution’ because it needs to be woven into the company culture and championed at all levels within the business.  It should become part of who you are as a company and align to your values and mission. 


Your wellvolution needs to be visible and flexible and requires commitment, action and a change in attitudes and behaviours.


Nothing changes if nothing changes!

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